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Efficient handling of bulk gods

At Port of Kolding, we have extensive experience in efficient handling of bulk cargo – both in solid and liquid form.

Port of Kolding offers quick and efficient handling of large quantities of bulk cargo. We have several types of cranes and advanced terminal equipment, so we can offer your company an optimal solution for your specific cargo. Port of Kolding can also offer berths, storage areas and warehouses for safe and convenient short-and long-term storage of cargo. We are specialists in the field, and have expertise in the following, among other things:

Solid bulk:
• Feed
• Fertilizer
• Grains
• Wood pellets
• Wood chips
• Chippings, stone and gravel
• Cement
• Iron and steel products

Liquid bulk:
• Bitumen
• Fish oil

We offer the optimal conditions and flexibility so you can focus on your business. Port of Kolding always ensures that the customer gets the best and most effective solution for transport, unloading and loading, and storage on secured quay areas or in covered warehouses.
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