Port areas and warehouses

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Port areas and warehouses

Port of Kolding has 525,000 m2 of land area, of which 75,000 m2 are dedicated to warehouses and silos. Here, the port operators store everything from wood, paper, steel, feed, manure and many other types of cargo.

Port of Kolding has experienced more ships in recent years as well as a significant increase in cargo volume. To accommodate this growth, we expanded with a 65,000 m2 attractive business area – right in the port! This allows you to develop your business right in the heart of the Port of Kolding.

Rental of port areas and warehouses is prioritized to operators who load and unload cargo at the dock.

Rental of commercial space – right in the port
Port of Kolding rents attractive business areas to customers who desire the added value of being centrally located – close access to ships, trains and lorry transport. Port of Kolding has a development-oriented environment, providing many exciting and flexible opportunities for the development of space-intensive businesses and industries.

Rental of warehouses – right in the port
Port of Kolding offers various types of storage in the port area. Whether it is storage in outdoor areas or in our covered warehouses – it is all secured and closed areas.

Port of Kolding offers warehouses in different sizes, insulated or non-insulated. All warehouses have easy access and are designed to ensure the most efficient service.