Permits at the Port of Kolding
Here you can apply for an excavation permit or permission to take photos or videos at the port.

Digging permit

You can apply for a permit to excavate in road areas on the port's land. Please send us an email in which you also agree that the Port of Kolding will store this information. We handle data in accordance with GDPR rules.

Send your application to post

Please fill in the following in the email you send to us:







Map of work area

Where on Kolding Harbour*



What needs to be done?

Period of export*

When should it be performed? Initial start/finish

Drone flight over the Port of Kolding

Drones may only be flown and video or photographs taken with the written permission of the port authority.

Any permission to fly a drone will only be granted on presentation of a valid drone licence, including proof of permission to fly drones of up to 25 kg in urban areas.

Photography or video recording from the ground on or near the port premises also requires a permit from the port management.

All inquiries regarding drone flights, video or photo recording, as well as permits, are to be made to the Port of Kolding's administration - please send an e-mail to: