Working areas

Working areas

We work with Bulk, Project loads, Recycling, Coils, Paper, Big Bags, Steel elements, etc.
We offer your company a customised flexible solution with storage and onward transport to the end customer - so you can concentrate on your business.

Storage and transport

We help you find a solution that takes into account factors such as time, handling and storage, environmental considerations, finishing and, of course, economics - so it works optimally for you and your business.

Focus on your business

Why choose us?

With us you get the most efficient solution for storage and transport. We have storage on secure quays, in covered warehouses or in silos. We are one of the only ports in Denmark where all three modes of transport are used: ship, train and truck - the trimodal or combined transport. This ensures flexibility for your transport.


Efficient handling of bulk cargo

We are specialists in the efficient handling of bulk cargo, with many years of expertise in both solid and liquid form.

We have various types of cranes and other advanced terminal equipment - so we can always offer your company a solution for handling your goods. You can see specific examples of the types of cargo we handle today below:

Fast bulk:

  • Animal feeds
  • Fertilizer
  • Grain
  • Wood pellets
  • Wood chips
  • Cuttings, stones and gravel
  • Cement
  • Iron and steel products

Liquid bulk:

  • Bitumen
  • Fish oil

Project truck

Handling and storage of large items

There is a clear trend that handling of project cargo is becoming increasingly complex - with our special equipment, large areas and wide gates we can handle even very large special cargo, including "Odd Size Cargo".

For example, we have extensive experience in handling blades and tower sections for the wind turbine industry - with deliveries all over the world. We also offer packaging and shipping of other special cargoes, such as industrial tankers.


The necessary resources

Recycling resources in the circular economy makes a significant contribution Worldwide to the manufacture of new products. At the port we have several examples of recycling, mainly in iron/steel, paper and glass. At the Port of Kolding, our waste management and recycling is also systematised, with sorting better than EU requirements. Do you work with recycling or the circular economy in general? Then we would like to tell you about your possibilities at the port - we would like to be your partner in circular economy, recycling, waste management, etc.


Professional handling of large steel coils

A speciality at the Port of Kolding is the handling and storage of steel coils - the storage hotel at the port provides a climate-controlled environment for the heavy steel coils. Coils arrive via ships or railcars directly to the terminals on the north quay - from here we offer further handling via car, train or ship to the steel industry in most of Denmark.


Paper products for press and packaging

At the port we handle and store paper goods in huge rolls in special warehouses. The majority is used by the Danish printed press and in the packaging industry. The handling of paper rolls is a good example of a type of cargo where both ship, train and truck are involved.

Big bags

 Flexible solutions easy to handle

At the port, we offer professional unloading through a number of high-capacity unloading facilities - we also offer complete terminal solutions. With modern high-capacity equipment, we can pick up, for example, fertiliser, wood pellets and other types of bulk goods in big bags of 500-1500 kg as well as - via a fully automatic bagging system - small bags of around 10 - 25 kg. From our purpose-built terminals, we deliver directly to customers upon order.

Steel elements

Efficient handling of steel for construction

We have considerable experience with steel elements for the construction industry - the largest quantities of steel come by ship, but steel beams can also be handled on rail wagons at most locations in the port, as we have rail tracks at both the North and South Ports. We can allocate space at the port for steel or other types of cargo for larger construction projects by arrangement.