Green strategy

Green strategy

CO2-neutral Port of Kolding 2030
We have an ambitious green strategy with the goal that the Port of Kolding is carbon neutral by 2030 - applicable to both administration and operations, including our large harbour cranes. See document below.

Seven areas of action in the Green Strategy

We have defined seven action areas to achieve the goal of the Green Strategy - the most important are "From black to green energy", e.g. with biodiesel and procurement of wind power, "Shore power for ships" and "Continued electrification", including of the port cranes.

Annual climate accounts as documentation

Cooperation with port companies

The Port of Kolding has established a collaboration with the port's companies, where we collect data for a comprehensive annual climate report for the entire port. The port's companies have a natural interest in green development - partly from an energy and environmental perspective, partly from a competitive perspective. The ambition is to attract more companies to the port with a "green" profile, including companies in the circular economy, for example with recycling or upcycling of materials, possibly from waste products.

Favourable price for green ships

As part of the green strategy, the Port of Kolding rewards ships with a green profile - this is done with a lower ship fee for ships that are registered in the Environmental Ship Index (ESI) with a score of 30 points or higher.

See the Pixi version of the Green Strategy via this link - See the Green Strategy (PDF)