Growth strategy and results

Growth strategy and results

Focus areas for controlled growth
The Port of Kolding's strategy has three focus areas, which together will ensure the port's continued robust and controlled growth. An independent green strategy supports the three strategic focus areas.

Combined transport, Specialist port, Landlord

The strategic focus areas complement each other with a synergy effect to benefit the continued business development at the Port of Kolding.

Focus area: combined transport

The port is a so-called trimodal or combi transport centre, where the three modes of transport ship, train and car meet - this type of port is rare in Denmark.

We offer the combination of road, rail and sea transport, which provides flexibility in the overall transport solutions - to the benefit of our customers. Your choice of transport solution can be completely individual - we adapt the solution to your transport needs as a customer.

We are happy to help you find the most green and economical transport for you.

The port's central location close to both the north-south railway line and the E20 and E45 motorways makes it the region's natural starting point for further transport to the rest of Denmark and most of Europe.

Focus area: specialist port

We specialise in handling special cargo - and focus on continued development along that path, including with project cargoes, where there are typically large differences in the task from time to time.

At the Port of Kolding, we are already specialists in handling a range of cargo types, including various types of steel, paper, fertiliser and animal feed, as well as other bulk cargoes. We value efficient and correct cargo handling - also when it comes to the environment. Together we can find the right solutions with special equipment and storage facilities for your cargo.

We want to benefit from the continued development potential with customers who have specific requirements for the port's skills, terminal equipment, warehouse facilities, training, etc.

Focus area: the landlord role

The Port of Kolding rents out the port's premises to companies that can use the port facilities to further develop their business - we call this a "Landlord role" as a strategic effort.

The typical business at the port could be a distributor, a pick & pack company, a logistics company, a circular economy, recycling or upcycling company, or any other type of business that could benefit from the port and its many associated services.

As a landlord, we have a natural interest in ensuring that you, as a tenant at the port, thrive and develop your business.

Vision and mission


The Port of Kolding will be the best short sea shipping port to create a framework for development and growth within our core areas


Port of Kolding creates innovative customised solutions in interaction with the outside world

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