Additional services

Additional services

We have a number of additional services for ships and customers
The Port of Kolding offers a range of services to ships and customers - everything from fresh water in the ship's fresh water tank to the collection of ship-generated waste, including environmentally sound disposal.

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Electricity and water, Ship-generated waste, Environmental waste management, Waste oil disposal, BroBizz registration - see details below.

Electricity and water

Electricity and fresh water can be obtained at all the port's quays - order via the port's operations department.

On all berths there are electrical cabinets and berth sockets with a capacity of up to 3 x 400 V/63 A.

For details - please see the Terms of Business for the current year.

Waste - obligation to deliver

All ships calling at Danish ports are obliged to deliver waste to the port. A small amount of waste may be exempted if it can be stored on board in an environmentally sound manner - and it is delivered to a subsequent port.

Waste management

The port's waste reception arrangements ensure environmentally sound management of ships' operational and cargo waste. We make it easy for ships to drop off their waste at the port, so waste is not discharged or dumped at sea.

The waste management plan can be downloaded via the link below:

Waste management plan (PDF)

Delivery of slop oil at the Port of Kolding

Sludge and other oily liquid waste are received in accordance with the legislation on the reception system for waste from ships. Delivery must be agreed with the Port of Kolding at least 24 hours before arrival.

Waste oil is collected in 1 m3 drums, after which an environmental partner takes care of the collection. The oils are re-refined to remove harmful heavy metals and other pollutants.

Ships are responsible for pumping the waste oil to these containers. It is possible to have a mobile tank truck delivered to all quays for the delivery of waste oil. Up to 1 m3 can be delivered free of charge.

Registration of BroBizz

Access to the port with BroBizz

It is possible to use BroBizz as access to the Port of Kolding - an obvious solution for vehicles that regularly have errands at the port. To obtain access, please contact the shipbroker or port company that is your main partner at the port. An annual fee per BroBizz/vehicle is charged for handling BroBizz access to the port.