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Arrival at the Port of Kolding

The Port of Kolding can be navigated 24 hours a day in good navigation conditions. The entry is through Kolding Fjord. From the point, Drejens Odde, to the port is an approximately 3 km long dredged channel, 30 meters wide and 7 meters deep.

Port of Kolding’s coordinates are 55 ° 29.5’N 9 ° 29.5’E.

The largest ships that can berth at the Port of Kolding are 190 meters in length, 22 meters in width and draft 6.8 meters,
or 190 meters in length, 27.4 meters in width and draft 6.2 meters. For maximum depth, see the above map.

Leading lights:
Kolding’s leading lights are kept aligned (267 °) through the W-straight part of the dredged channel. The lights are illuminated using red, solid light day and night.
Rear light: Gray lattice-tower located approximately 250 meters north of the inner port.
Front light: Gray lattice tower located approximately 514 meters from the rear light.
Please note that the leading lights cannot be used for piloting the line north of Løger Odde.
Port of Kolding’s lighthouse is located at the tip of the breakwater on the outer harbour’s N-side and has a green flashing light. It is a galvanized, cylindrical tube with a reflective green crossbar.
Port of Kolding’s other lighthouse is located on the tip of the breakwater of the outer harbour’s S-side and has a red flashing light. It is a galvanized, cylindrical tube with reflective, red crossbar. Please see map for more detail.

Anchorage is possible at the entrance to Kolding Fjord at Skærbæk, clear of leading lights and cables. Anchorage in the channel is not permitted.

Sea level:
There is no noticeable tidal difference as the difference between medium low and medium high water is 0.2 meter. Eastern winds can give up to 1.5 meters high water and straight westerly winds down to 1.5 meters low tide.