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As relationships grow, new business opportunities arise.
At the Port of Kolding, we build close relationships with our customers – both the companies located at the port, but also those using the port as a logistics centre.
Our goal is to optimize the businesses and processes we work on together. We are driven by innovation and development, as well as reinventing our businesses. And we are seeing the results, which makes us work harder and more focused. We are continuously gaining new customers, new companies, new relationships, new products, new goods and new services at the Port of Kolding. This is because we have a 360° view and laser-like focus on the end-customer and we create value in the logistics chain. We can offer services within pilotage and loading services, storage, packing and transport, among other things.
At the Port of Kolding, we have a keen business sense, and we are experts in efficient logistics solutions. As a trimodal port, we have extensive experience in transport via ship, railways and road.

Developments at the Port of Kolding

  • • New cargo types and new possibilities for the handling of cargo
  • • New companies and businesses
  • • New relations and destinations – nationally and internationally
  • • New services and optimization of processes – for businesses and the environment