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Port of the Future – Port of Kolding’s Strategic Plan 2025

The board of the Port of Kolding has approved a strategy for the coming years.
The strategy contains three focus areas, which together secure continued stable and robust growth for the port.

Focus area: Combined transport

Port of Kolding is, as one of the only ports in Denmark, a so-called trimodal or combi-transport centre, where the three modes of transport meet: road, train and ship.
At the Port of Kolding, we can already offer a unique combination of road, rail, and maritime transport. Which mode of transport is the most fitting depends on many factors such as time, finances, handling, environmental considerations and requirements, and it often ends up being a combination of multiple modes of transport depending on cargo types, geographic start and end points.
When large quantities of cargo are to be transported, a combination of shipping and rail transport is often both cheaper and better for the environment than transport by lorries or aircraft. However, lorries often play an important role in transporting cargo to or from a specific address.
Port of Kolding’s goal for the coming years is to optimize the handling of cargo between trains, ships and lorries, thus making the transition between the different modes faster, easier, cheaper and more accessible.
Businesses that use the Port of Kolding should feel that they get the most optimal solution when their cargo is moved to and from lorry, track or ship.
Port of Kolding’s extensive rail facilities and close proximity to the north-south rail network, combined with its easy access to the E20 and E45 motorway network, make the port the perfect starting point for further transport to Denmark and large parts of Europe.

Focus area: Specialized port

In the coming years, Port of Kolding’s goal is to offer even more solutions for handling special cargo.
Port of Kolding is already specialized in handling a variety of cargo, including various types of steel, paper and fertilizer. However, many other types of cargo require special arrangements and preparation for efficient and correct handling, and Port of Kolding will invest, in consultation with customers, in the right solutions, including specialized equipment and specialized storage facilities.
We continually aim to expand our ability to cater to new cargo types and customers with specific requirements on port competences, terminal equipment, warehouse equipment, education, etc.

Focus area: Rentals for processing companies

Looking ahead, Port of Kolding will work systematically to attract companies that rely on port facilities to further develop and grow their business. For example, it may be distribution companies, pick and pack-companies, logistics companies, circular economy companies or other types of companies that benefit from the port and port’s many services.
Port of Kolding has an attractive location and a transparent pricing policy as well as flexibility and a very high service level. This helps create an optimal framework for the companies that establish themselves at the Port of Kolding.

Vision and mission


Port of Kolding aims to be the best port for creating the right framework for development and growth within our core areas


Port of Kolding creates innovative, customer-oriented solutions in conjunction with its customers, partners, community and the business world